Ahen Otomotiv
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40th Years


Ahen Automotive; Since its establishment in the spare parts sales and marketing sector, it has been producing the cylinder head of heavy commercial vehicles with over 40 years of experience.

Founded 40 years ago in Konya as Ahen automotive spare parts dealers today have been successful production and sales company with a brand that performs an important sector in Turkey and in foreign markets.

Ahen automotive; It carries out the production of spare parts compatible with many heavy vehicle brands of European and US origin in its modern production facilities equipped with the latest technology together with its expert management staff and experienced production team.

In 1250 m2 closed and 750 m2 open production area, cylinder head and more than 100 engine parts related to it are manufactured. In line with the goal of error-free production; In the production chain, the company can make model and mold designs, produce its own tools, perform machining and ensure that quality control and warranty processes proceed smoothly.

Ahen Automotive, which makes big investments every year, has a production capacity of 20,000 cylinder heads per year with 12 different models. Ahen Automotive, which has adopted the principle of constantly following the market needs and designing customer-oriented products, develops its product range with advanced technology.

It strives to improve its product quality standard, service quality and customer satisfaction, and its machine park every day to meet the needs of the heavy commercial vehicle industry.

Ahen Otomotive, in accordance with the high quality standards it has adopted as a principle; By always working to offer the best, it continues to grow and rise day by day.


1. To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.
2. To produce quality, economical and reliable automotive spare parts (Cylinder Head) products.
3. To be a reliable and leading company preferred in the automotive industry we are in.
4. To provide a peaceful and healthy working environment.
5. To train our employees continuously.
6. To continuously improve and develop our quality system in accordance with the developing technology conditions with all our employees.
7. Continuous improvement of product quality and economicization of costs are carried out with the participation of all personnel.
8. To be in constant cooperation with our suppliers.
9. To protect environmental values ​​by using our resources in the most efficient way.