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40th Year


Ahen Automotive; Since its establishment in the spare parts sales and marketing sector, it has been producing the cylinder head of heavy commercial vehicles with over 40 years of experience.

Founded 40 years ago in Konya as Ahen automotive spare parts dealers today have been successful production and sales company with a brand that performs an important sector in Turkey and in foreign markets.

Ahen automotive; It carries out the production of spare parts compatible with many heavy ve


Ahen Automotive offers you the highest quality with the parts produced in the spare parts product group of all commercial vehicles of the 5 brands.


Ahen Automotive In 2600 m2 closed and 1400 m2 open production area, cylinder head and related 100 engine parts are manufactured. It has a production capacity of 2.400 pieces per month and 30.000 pieces per year with 12 different models. Heryıl continues to produce by adding and developing 4 products to its product portfolio. In line with the goal of error-free production; In the production chain, the model and mold designs can be made by the company itself, it can produce its own tools, it can realize the machining and quality control and guarantee processes can go smoothly.

4000 Production Area
12+ Model
30000+ Cylinder head

Ahen Automotive

Perfect Design and Smooth Production With over 40 years of talent, experience and knowledge, we offer you the best in the sector of cylinder head production of heavy commercial vehicles.


Ahen Automotive, with its own design and applications in its production facilities equipped with the latest technology, produces local production without any external support.



In line with the goal of high quality products, statistical analyzes and controls are carried out during all production stages.



Since we have a say in the production stages and we have information about every detail of the parts we produce, the guarantee processes run smoothly.


New Product Commissioning

Priority was given to the new product commissioning factor as part of the corporate culture and to adapt to the developing sector.