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Production Processes

R & D - New Product Commissioning

Ahen Automotive R & D team; With the advantages of long-established product design experience and being a manufacturing factory, it has been carrying out the research and development infrastructure that will serve innovative products in the sector for a long time. Our R & D department, which is capable of designing and innovating in production, works with the technology support from the prototype stage to the final product stage, as well as the casting program. manufactures robust and reliable components using programs such as cad / cam and cmm measuring devices.

Mold Design

With the help of high technology molding and spinning systems, molds are produced in line with the requirements of the automotive spare parts market in accordance with the international quality standards and the products are produced within Ahen Automotive. In order for the designed products to be applied smoothly during the production stage and to comply with the manufacturing conditions, Ahen Automotive; The company manufactures all the molds itself with its horizontal processing / CNC machines developed in the latest technologies.


Pre-determined raw materials and alloys with high quality standards are cast into molds that meet the requirements of parts. In order not to make non-standard production, the prepared casts are checked with analysis reports. Ahen Automotive, which uses the measurement and raw materials used by the original manufacturers as a reference in the casting stage of the foundry of the company, offers spare parts that can be used instead of the original parts.


In the foundries where high capacity and advanced technology is used, the raw materials that are poured, surface tests are carried out by high engineers with various analyzes and reports after passing the test phase in the laboratory. After the casting stage, semi-finished products which are prepared in order to fully realize the customer expectations are processed with precision in 5 axis horizontal and vertical machining centers and turned into finished products with high added value.

Quality control

Faultless and robust product in line with the target; In all of our stages, statistical analysis and controls at various points of the production processes ensure a smooth production process. Each product's analysis report, processing time, operation records, compliance and quality reports are recorded. After the finished products are subjected to 100% quality control at the final inspection station, the production part is completed by painting with protective oil.